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Installer Direct Flooring

Installer Direct Flooring

From the Owner

After 20 years of working for flooring stores as an installer I decided to open my own store. I always felt the cart was pulling the horse. What I mean is if you were to go buy a new ATV would you trust some commission high priced sales persons opinion, or the ATV mechanics. Flooring is no different.

Even though I own the store I still make my living as an installer. Only at Installer Direct you don’t pay for commissioned sales people and large overhead. This means you get more for your dollar. It also means you will get installer approved products.

Quality at an Affordable Price

If I don’t like the way a product installs, holds up, or is built, I simply will not sell it. I’m often asked how I can compete with the box stores offering free labor and gimmicks. Those big stores and all the employees equal big overhead.

The Install is subbed out to an install company that subs out most of the measures and installs. I love to have my customers compare. We always are five hundred to a thousand dollars less on an average house.

Odds are you were referred to us as that’s our most effective advertising. We hope you will come see our selection of carpet, tile, hardwood, LVT and Laminate in our showroom. We will help get you the best product at the best price.

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Installer Direct Flooring is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We are dedicated to giving you the highest quality for the lowest prices. We offer a variety of services from residential flooring sale and installation as well as commercial flooring sale and installation. Rest assured that we will always finish the job in a timely manner so that you can enjoy your new flooring in no time at all.

Come visit us at our new store in Idaho Falls! Our friendly staff await your visit, and are eager to help you and answer your questions!

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